About Cherry

Cherry Almeida is the founder of Alius law. Cherry started her career as a lawyer in Dordrecht in 2004. In 2009 she moved to the law firm BVL, where she practised trade and transport law as well as employment law for more than nine years. She left already a partner to the firm to start Alius law.

Cherry has worked as a lawyer for more than 12 years, dealing mostly with trade and transport disputes. As a litigator she experienced that a lawyer has to accept the case as it receives it. The past cannot be changed. That makes the work challenging and requires sometimes creativity to still bring a rocky case to a good end, but it can also lead to a disadvantage in the legal proceedings.

Alius law was founded with the idea to enable lawyers to be more involved in the whole process of business doing of their clients and not only when a claim is forthcoming or specialised knowledge is inevitable. For that a lawyer has to be free to operate with the least restrictions as possible. It is for that reason that Alius law prefers to seek the collaboration with other lawyers if needed rather than employing several lawyers that have to speak with one voice. This should not cost the client more, rather less as there is hardly any overhead.

Other languages
Portuguese, Spanish, French reasonable and reasonable understanding of German

Marine Club Rotterdam
AIJA (International Lawyers Association)
Dutch Association of Sea and transport law
Young CMI
Link Maritiem
Rotterdam Port Association

Post Academic: Grotius specialisation course in transport law
Southampton short course on Maritime Law
Academic: University of Leiden, Civil Law